Why Are They After Abba Kyari – Yusuf Ali

No matter what anybody can say, the Chief Of Staff (COS) to the President Muhammadu Buhari, Alhaji Abba Kyari is one man whose performance appraisals in this administration is ringing bell. He is one of the strong pillar as progressive on our journey of change and national rebirth. The intelligent, humble and service oriented Chief... Continue Reading →


Re: Babachir, Baru ‘Working’ For Buhari’s Second Term – Mal. AbdulKareem

The PDP, unarguably, Nigeria's largest registered club for Nigeria's looters and economic wreckers, are famous all over the world, for their expertise and professional ingenuity. This is why, in criminal psychology , people who are notorious perverts make inadvertent but confessional statements that align with their own convictions, vested inclinations and wishful idiosyncrasies. This is... Continue Reading →

RE: #NigeriaAt57: Buhari a Lone Ranger in This Herculean Task and Bold Strategies – Mal. AbdulKareem

We'll accelerate progress, to fix our challenges -Buhari The above headline is President Muhammadu Buhari's Speech,reproduced by the Daily Trust Newspaper, in its 1st October, 2017 edition, to celebrate Nigeria's 57th Independence Anniversary Day. The Speech is from all intent and purposes, a rich historical document of facts and records, saturated with valid chronological highlights... Continue Reading →

RE: That Atiku’s Spiky Valedictory Speech On Kanu & IPOP is An Insult To The North and Our Past Leaders – Mal. Abdulkareem

There is a popular Hausa adage which describes "a fool to be a misguided agent, who fills important, because, he thinks, wise men who ignore his nuisance escapades, by ominous silence, to allow his foolishness to mature and metamorphasized into full blown madness, is an endorsement of his foolishness,linguistically summarized, thus: "Makaho baisan ana ganinsaba... Continue Reading →

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