The Abba Kyari Many Don’t Know – Abba Masta

Since the memo written by the Minister of state in charge of the nation’s Petroleum Ministry Dr. Ibe Kachikwu was leaked to members of the press thereby becoming a known secret, a lot of people have continued to pour vituperation and cast aspersion to the person of a Harvard alumnus and Chief of Staff to the President Alhaji Abba Kyari.

Some people have gone to the extent of calling him the ‘Face of Evil at the Presidency’ While some are speculating mere allegations without them bringing forth any little fact to qualify their claims.

While I understand the position of some of them which I believe is as a result of being ill informed while others deliberately chose to be mischievous to bring him down at all cost.

Let me reiterate that most of the persons that have continued to pour vitriol on the Chief of Staff who is a perfect gentleman and an astute technocrat are not really aware of who he is.

Coming from a banking background and having reached the peak of his career which understandably most people will be envious of, I truly believe that considering the kind of person who Mr. President is, he cannot allow for a minute any person that is corrupt the way Abba Kyari has been painted to as being stay one day extra in his administration.

Some people have gone to the extent of portraying him as having monopoly to Mr. President but most people at the presidency will easily attest to the fact that this is a blatant lie that has been spread by mischievous elements especially those that are not comfortable with the present drive and direction of this administration.

He is just unfortunate to be at the receiving end of the cross fire between corruption and the fight against corruption.

This is a clear evidence of the fact that when corruption is being fought against, it comes out with strong ferocity to fight back.

Abba Kyari is a patriotic Nigerian who cannot be swayed by greed or whatever pecuniary interest that those who want him out so desperately are busy portraying against him.

There is nothing anybody can do and I want to emphasise that no propaganda can bring a man that has contributed immensely and still contributing to the development of this country down.

He is committed to good governance and success of the BUHARI led administration. This is a task that he strictly adhered to, and will fulfil unperturbed.


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