Re: Babachir, Baru ‘Working’ For Buhari’s Second Term – Mal. AbdulKareem

The PDP, unarguably, Nigeria’s largest registered club for Nigeria’s looters and economic wreckers, are famous all over the world, for their expertise and professional ingenuity.

This is why, in criminal psychology , people who are notorious perverts make inadvertent but confessional statements that align with their own convictions, vested inclinations and wishful idiosyncrasies.

This is the obvious and confessional reasons for the PDP’s unconvincing statements with the above title ,published in the Daily Trust of Friday,6th October,2017, to spike and dent the good image and indisputable reputation of President Muhammad Buhari and his party,the APC.

My candid advise to the PDP masterminds of this infantile act of deliberate blckmail and unimaginatively puerile theory, is that, it is too late in the day,to make President Muhammadu Buhari a fall guy in Nigeria, nay in the word,in a futile attempt to taint his identity, which the Almighty Allah has genetically reinforced with unassailable virtues.

My candid advise to the PDP brand masters is to all go back to God, for true confessions of their past crimes,against Nigeria and forsake their satanic ways,by cleansing their old habits of destructiveness and beckon to President Muhamdu Buhari’s clarion call for positive change and value reorientations in Nigeria.

That is their only way to new life of salvation and renewal of relevance,in PMB’s morally reinforced, not bankcrupt driven Nigeria,of PDP’s rueful yesteryear.

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,
Keffi, Nasarawa State.


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