Re: NJC Sets Up Panels To Probe 15 Federal Judges

I am sure, many Nigerians will be happy, like me,with the above news story, which was published in the Daily Trust, of 1st October,2017, as a press statement from the Nigerian Judicial Council (NJC), which coincides with the 57th Anniversary celebration of Nigeria’s Independence.

All Nigerians are aware about President Muhammadu Buhari’s obsessions against corruption, which has been Nigeria’s most dominant source of social decay and underdevelopment.

It has become a disturbing national curse which grievous impacts made it the centre piece and focal point of President Buhari’s 57th Independent Anniversary Speech, on 1st October. 2017.

This Nigerian Judicial Council’s announcement is a good omen for President Buhari’s renewed and reinvigorated resolve to fight this corruption monster heads on, which was earlier allegedly perceived to have been scandalously and deliberately frustrated and undermined by members of the Nigerian judicial system, across the board; because, President Buhari’s anti corruption crusade seemed to have become their nemesis and a defiant albatross against their notoriously enigmatic penchants for corruption, which impacts has become an indelible dent on the entire work force across the country, like an appetizingly succulent nectar, adored by insects and seduced birds.

Invariably, this new awakening is a welcome development and a worthy cause, which I hope, will be additionally supported by the Nigerian Bar Association, which is professionally mandated to monitor, regulate, as well as prescribe appropriate punishments, penalties, or both, in order to curb the gross abuse of professional ethics, misconduct, as well as mete out appropriate punishments, penalties, so as to purge this repugnant, rotten system, especially, “at the appellate courts, in the rural areas of the country, where securing a good judgement has become unashamedly and conspicuously, a cash and carry affair.”

To checkmate this abhorent corrupt malpractices, it will be a good idea to recommend, that, all those involved in corruption be made to surrender, not only their loots,but to be compelled to part with their professional certificates, practicing licenses, or be forced to forfeit them, without option.

I can bet all my readers, that, this option may become the only traumatic magic that could bring their regimes of incurable pestilence and roguery to a sudden end: or at least, scale its propensity down.

Every Nigerian is now anxiously watching and waiting to see how this apex judicial authority, the NJC, will go with their investigation project and process, to usher in, the much needed positive changes and impact, to restore confidence and public trust in the Nigerian legal system, to install it to become a reliable force and partner, in President Buhari’s major war against corruption, this time around.

Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,
Keffi, Nasarawa State.


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