RE: #NigeriaAt57: Buhari a Lone Ranger in This Herculean Task and Bold Strategies – Mal. AbdulKareem

We’ll accelerate progress, to fix our challenges -Buhari
The above headline is President Muhammadu Buhari’s Speech,reproduced by the Daily Trust Newspaper, in its 1st October, 2017 edition, to celebrate Nigeria’s 57th Independence Anniversary Day.

The Speech is from all intent and purposes, a rich historical document of facts and records, saturated with valid chronological highlights of our nation’s chronic malaise and pestilences, in sequential order, with graphic lists of our nation’s recurring diseases that seemed to have defied and obviated past medical prescriptions and cure and the vigorous efforts, as an action President, with impact drive he has used to combat the defiant monsters.

Mr. President, I can vouch and testify here,that many Nigerians are happy and proud to be alive to celebrate this event today, because, your presence, “as an Impact President, with a mission and vision for change in Nigeria,” has made a difference in our turbulent, undisciplined and disorderly national life, so much that, your leadership qualities have, by global opinions become the selling points for Nigeria’s new image, as well as reference brands, for the rest of the African continent, as a bonifide heir to the legendary (late) Dr. Nelson Mandela.

However, Mr President, in spite of all the laudable, lofty goals and unprecedented, excellent achievements you have made in neutralizing lawlessness in governance, by intellectualizing a new and positive regime of social order in our beloved country. I will not regret, nor hesitate to mention here, that, you are a lone ranger in this herculean task and bold strategies, with possible exceptions of a few defiant warriors in the Security and Special Services as well as handful members of the judiciary, like Ibrahim Magu and our indefatigable and never say die legal intervention of the rule of law, my Distinguished Professor and benevolent Justice Itse Sagay, who are both my men of chivalry and valor and the most highly regarded by most Nigerians at the moment.

Mr. President, the visible and unfortunate reality is that, the draw backs to your vaulting ambition to sanitise and cleanse Nigeria’s Pandora’s boxes of sinful baggage of corrupt practices are wide and diverse, and are both internally as well as externally generated and cryptically sensationalized.

Therefore, Mr. President, the ugly scenarios and manifestations in the National Assembly, States as well as at Local Government levels, where they display disorderly and glamorous culture of impunity, arbitrariness that are at variance to your cultivated doctrines, as well as Democratic norms, are sources of grave concerns that should be obviated.

It also stands to reason, that , by comparative analogy, it is not out of place to assert that, given the current culture of impunity by our political elites in Nigeria, the ancient rulers of Medieval Empires would feel proud of their truculent legacies.

Mr. President, you are a circumstantial victim of Nigeria’s established and monetized power politics and there is the urgent need to bring change, to all the operational and logistic spheres of the party and the governmental systems, in order to make network opportunities and services harmoniously interconnected as a unified matrix, along with your noble mission, so as to bear its full and potential impacts across the board.

In conclusion, Mr. President, You have demonstrated, as well established an enviable records of visible legacy, by virtue of which, you are unanimously eulogized and recognized, as one of the few Nigeria’s ever impact driven Presidents.

In this regard, let me proudly inform you, that, the anonymous verdict of most Nigerians is in tandem with your determinations, commitments and aspirations; and in conformity with your wish to anoint this 57th Anniversary celebration as “a period for Thanksgiving, Reflections and Dedication”, hoping that, by the next celebration in 1st October, 2018, it will be “a Thanksgiving Celebration” Period, for the celebration of the success of your Marshal Plans for Youth, Women and Rural Farmers, whose votes unanimously counted, to secure victory for your success at the 2015 Presidential polls, despite the roaring savagery and molestation of PDP’s evangelists of corruption and insatiable cravings of greed.

Finally, in this period of déjà vu, let me share Dr. Tonnie Iredia’s irresistible goodwill message, to celebrate this unique 57th Anniversary event, as a united and indivisible country, because, God has used PMB, to “make the country safer, by emancipating and liberating Nigeria and Nigerians, from the fearful yokes of PDP’s tyrannical orgy of unremorseful gangsterism and economic debauchery.

Here’s Dr. Tonnie Iredia’s National Salute, to mark 57th year Anniversary of love, peace and disciplinary orderliness in Nigeria…

“57 bravos to all Pan Nigerian Patriots, happy anniversary… Iredia”.

Cheers And God Bless Nigeria and all Nigerians!

Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,
Nasarawa State.


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