Nnamdi Kanu Fled To London As Climbed The Ladder of Corpses To Attain Stardom – Zagga

Now that the controversial, tempestuous and impulsive IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu has fled back to London, a development confirmed by former Governor Orji Kalu, shouldn’t his swooned devotees open their eyes and come to terms with the reality of how he climbed the ladder of corpses to attain stardom at the expense of the innocent people killed on account of his foolish audacity? I foresaw this shameful outcome of a so-called hero deserting the flock when the balloon goes up.

Anybody who cannot be advised or guided while he is making mistakes is a dangerous leader. Sadder still is to see people blindly worshipping an opportunist and choosing to die stupidly for his sake, confronting armed soldiers.

Kanu came from London to cause trouble in Nigeria and, having noticed the stupidity of his strategy and the disaster that came with it in terms of avoidable loss of innocent lives, he has fled to abandon his followers to their fate.

If this reality of his opportunism hasn’t opened your eyes, nothing else ever will.

Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga


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