RE: That Atiku’s Spiky Valedictory Speech On Kanu & IPOP is An Insult To The North and Our Past Leaders – Mal. Abdulkareem

There is a popular Hausa adage which describes “a fool to be a misguided agent, who fills important, because, he thinks, wise men who ignore his nuisance escapades, by ominous silence, to allow his foolishness to mature and metamorphasized into full blown madness, is an endorsement of his foolishness,linguistically summarized, thus: “Makaho baisan ana ganinsaba sai rana ta baci.”

Is it not the highest level of madness, disrespect and dishonour, for Atiku Abubakar, to come out publicly, insulting our nation, by declaring KANU and a bunch of his ragtag terrorist group, as his preferred heroes, over and above our past role models.

Yes, we can know gauge Atiku’s ambiguously ambivalent patriotism, which is always marketable and changeable to suite his blind Presidential ambitions.

Now his valued political customers of the moment and heroes for his arching blind obsession for power are Namadi KANU and his IPOB terrorist insurgents,who have made the South-East Zone Atiku’s new pride for political patronage and romantic courtship.

For Atiku, the old political philosophy that asserts the satanic credo of ” the end justifying the means” is a customised virtue to savour and favour at all times.

Unlike in his previous outings during which he poured libations and deified Southwest heroes with encomiums, he has now decided to opportunistically deconstruct his allegiance by paying homage to these bunch of new and confused renegades, whom, it is alleged, are secretly sponsored by desperate but unsuccessful political adventurers.

All said and done, Atiku’s political dénouement has now peaked to its highest level of volcanic catharsis and is at the stage which gives meaning to the philosophical status of madness.

If Atiku Abubakar,the Galadima of Adamawa can stand publicly, to inveigh our past heroes, as having failed, by glamorizing his secret proclamations of “those streets charlatans and rubble rousers; plus their secret sponsors and morbid cabals winners, whereas Chief Awolowo, Enahoro and other politically motivated nationalists with positive goals and patriotic national horizons to have failed, then, he has debased Nigerian politicians claim to be recognised and regarded as trustworthy.

No politician in Europe, America, U.K, or even crazy Africa, had ever come out to audaciously pledge his or their support, for the IRA, and other trivially instigated and morbidly demented killer groups with disguised motives like IPOP such as as Atiku’s insensitive endorsement of Namadi Kani and IBOP,as heroes, despite the painful legacies of atrocities against Nigerians, especially their fall guys, the Hausa Fulani, Muslims?

For Atiku Abubakar, let me remind him here,that,there’s time for everything and he has now crossed his boundary limits of insanity and to let him know an note that, when the chips are down…, neither money nor superficial enticements can produce a presidential crown!

Only Allah does!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,
Keffi. Nasarawa State


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