The Danger Ahead In Borno Before Is Too Late – Dr. Khalifa Ali Dikwa

Kannywood movies on Borno. I am aware that many foreign firms are already packaging movies on problems that led to boko haram insurgency in north eastern Nigeria. Contrary to what I regard as the shortsightedness or lack of wisdom of the Muslim and Arab nations to accommodate change where modernity was rejected, we will accommodate all its positive aspects.

Despite its rich literature and technological breakthroughs, the Arab and Muslim world allowed the West to utilise their scientific discoveries to the advantage of the Western nations. What else can one say if numerals, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, astronomy etc are of Arabic origin.

The Muslim world, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia buy their cars, arms and other technological machines from America, Europe and other Asian countries, instead of utilising their petrodollars to establish industries to provide millions of jobs, thereby given the guts to say NO dishing billions to support NATO or American led military coalition other Muslim nations, just like the recent arms deal with US President Trump whose racist and hateful anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric remains fresh.

If DPRK and Iran are not pushovers for America and her Allies, it is because they are able to put their heads together with a great sense of patriotism to harness their human and natural resources to construct what frightens the world police.

I dare say that we will seize any opportunity to develop our society by transferring the appropriate tools to improve our lives in terms of basic infrastructure. We must not therefore lose sight of the great advantages of the media and cinema to tell our stories and attract opportunities from any part of the world hence my support for Kannywood to shoot movies on Borno.

For instance, i along with Late Prof El-Miskeen and Prof Adam Ajiri of the University of Maiduguri were part of an earlier movie packaging on boko haram insurgency by the office of former NSA Dasuki. Therefore, it is very important to encourage our own Kannywood and media to lead others in telling our stories.

More so, the Media aids to the Borno state governor should convince the State officials to upgrade our BRTV to be equal or higher than Dandal Kura.

We must officially acknowledge the contribution of private media stations in the North for leaving their doors open to some of us to tell the story, though with no single word of appreciation from the State government. I was able to prove that it was not a Borno/Yobe business alone but a conspiracy against the entire North. We will continue to support the government even if its officials find it difficult to connect with us for better coordination.

Let’s do it whether the State govt or media assistants appreciate us or not, we must do it for our state and people. It is trust. Those who mislead the governor should never expect people like us to keep quiet or sing praises to be relevant. They are simply wrong. They will soon realise that no condition is permanent. We will never place individuals or political parties above the interests of the people.

In short, our State governor Kashim Shettima should be wise enough to see beyond 2019 when those bad advisors or cronies would abandon him as soon as he hands over on 29th May 2019 because they are addicted to the corridors of power just as they abandoned late man of peace Gov Mala Kachallah on 29th May 2003 and SAS on 29th May 2011. Like soldiers in barracks, Governors and political parties too come and go but Borno remains with its people. Therefore, we must do it for our people and state whether we are appreciated or not.

The people of Borno should join me to pray for Pres Buhari and appreciate him for working on my advice on the best security setup and leadership ab-initio.

Worthy of appreciation are the NLC, TUC, journalists, and media organisations for their commitment to peace and awareness from the beginning of the armed conflicts in 2009 notably Liberty TV/Radio, DITV Alheri, Freedom, Nagarta, FRCN, RFI , BBC, VOA, DW, Vox etc in Hausa, French and Arabic. These outlets have been of tremendous support during our nightmarish days as they always drove to my house, invite me, or locate me anywhere for interviews particularly when I had challenges in income, transport and accommodation owing to official persecution right under the nose of leaders of Borno for exposing the conspiracy to somalise the Northeast and indeed the entire north.

Thank God the people appreciated my stand and shared my pain even when the State officials were afraid to give me and my family an alternative place to lodge when I was ejected from the campus without due process with my lawyers harassed at gunpoint despite their freedom to do so in a democracy. It was a price I paid for refusing to eat my words. I laughed it off despite my pains because I knew that it was a child’s play compared to the travails of Prophets Yusuf, Jesus, Muhammad (saw) and companions.

It was a traumatic experience that strengthened my faith as the devil’s advocates saw me come out gutsier than ever with their various attempts to take me down after exposing me. My conclusion on Kannywood is to be optimistic and open minded.

Thus, I appeal to all to see the advantages of effective synergy with the media and Kannywood to make the most devastated state of Borno and indeed the North Eastern region a world destination by selling our story to individual donors, groups or govts to help us rehabilitate and reconstruct to a level better than before.

I wish to advise that Muslim governments through their embassies and other world donors should be approached with with video copies and other data with a federal govt backed invitation to outsiders who are itching to help us as they have been doing in different parts of the world.

Similarly, Borno State should sign more Memoranda of Understanding with Other non aligned nations, Muslim governments and organisations to share and compete with the Catholic body that signed the agreement with Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima last week, as spearheaded by the Bishop of Sokoto State Hassan Kukah and Spanish fellows to compete favourably so that we don’t end up with the resuscitation of the old Vatican project to ” Harvest The Kanuris of Borno” of the 1960s and 1970s.

Competition in humanitarian projects must be encouraged provided they have no hidden agenda since Borno and Yobe states are 100% Muslims from the second half of the 7th century hence caution must be exercised to avoid a post insurgency particularly cultural or religious or generational crisis.

For instance, no foreign bodies should be forewarned not to attempt to introduce curricula like CRK in our schools or stage Christianity in our State TV and Radio stations. This is in tandem with the non inclusion of Muslim programs in the SE/SS of Nigeria where Muslims are not given the same opportunity because they are a minority eg Bayelsa, Enugu, Anambra, Rivers, Akwa Ibom etc.

This help or agreement must not give the Catholic organisation or other social organisations must not temper with our culture, traditions and faith.

Therefore Borno must be spared from sayings like” he who pays for the piper dictates the tune” from Muslim sects or Christian Organisations. Borno is not cosmopolitan society. It has an ancient and long history, willing to accommodate modernity but not at the expense of our religiously enshrined culture and traditions.

Kanem Borno was one of the Greatest Muslim Empires. Please, let’s look at the positive side of it by not throwing both the baby and the bath water, because Borno State is desperately in dire need of external help with the sabotage of North East Development Commission (NEDC) to come on stream and do as the Niger Delta’s NDDC.

Such helps must not tinker with our historical foundation. We must never give a blank cheque for plans B and C following its military defeat. Boko haram was of an imported and imposed insurgency.

We must learn from our terrible experience under the Jonathan government whose cronies were part and parcel of the bastardisation of Nigeria’s impeccable, second to none professional Security and Defence system.

Until the official bad eggs connived with foreign devil’s advocates, Nigeria’s Armed Forces were applauded worldwide as we could see the difference in less than 2 years under the great and intelligent COAS LT. Gen. TY Buratai with an air power support and led by the Chief of Air Staff Marshal Sadik Abubakar.

A stitch in time saves nine.

May Allah bless the Northern Nigeria and indeed Nigeria.

Happy Democracy Day from 1999.

Khalifa Ali DIkwa PhD


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