Why President Muhammadu Buhari Is The Strongest Man In The World

Ike Okafor, Nigeria: When I wrote that President Muhammadu Buhari was the strongest man in the world some people took it as if I’m blabbing.

There are four classes of poison and their potency to fatality to their victims are in the order of ascension. They are in classes A, B, C and D.

Class D kills slowly and might take some few years to send a victim to the grave. Class C can finish a victim in less than one year. Class B has its killing effect on the victim in six months.

Class A which was served to the innocent President Muhammadu Buhari for doing no evil to the people but good can kill its victim in less than four hours. But Buhari survived it after many days, going into weeks and many more months surpassing its killing days.

And the best physicians in the world have documented that Buhari is the first man to survive it in Africa and eleventh in the world.

Late General Sani Abacha could not survive a class C poison.

Julius Caesar couldn’t survive ordinary hemlock of class D.

Late Chuba Okadigbo for class C gave up almost immediately.

Many uncountable of them could not survive ordinary class D.

Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is not poisoned but is living unhealthier than the poisoned.

Abdulsalami Abubakar is not poisoned but looks a poisoned.

You are in your earlier tens, early twenties, early thirties, early forties but I bet you to try a common class D poison and see yourself lying below the sands of earth in less than one week. You think you are strong, you think Buhari is weak.

Which other ways does one measure a strength of a man who is in his mid-seventies but still survives a deadliest class of poison?

The poison you gave to him has become a vitamin to him and he is living in vitality and vigour while you the poisoner’s blood pressure is rising above survival limit.

The strongest man in the world is President Muhammadu Buhari.

Waiting for your arrival in strength and joy Sir!

You are the Seven Lions of Africa…


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