Dino Used To Be Good Friend of @SaharaReporters and Owner, Sowore – @nairaland

When Sahara Reporters got you they have gotten you. The love, sweet relationship between Sowore, Sahara Reporters and Dino Melaye which was once sweet and glorious has gotten sour like a bitter orange.

I could remember 2014/2015, the period of the Nigeria’s general elections. I remembered how Dino fault that GEJ Government. They used media to weaken the administration. Sahara reporters was one of the media used to fight the then GEJ administration by Dino and his group who was campaigning for senatorial seat.
Sahara reporters were dishing out hard blows from their media house against the then incompetent GEJ administration, including lies that at a time many believed the media house (Sahara Reporters) was a media angle of the APC. I could remember that Dino capitalized on that media ground, I guess he even built a relationship with Sahara Reporters owner, Omoyele Sowore that they help messed up some top horns in GEJ administration. It looked as if Dino and his people were the awaiting saints to go into power while the GEJ people were the satan incarnate. Dino melaye went as far as visiting Sowore and the office of Sahara Reporters in Newyork. He commended their good works and gestures for exposing the lies and loopholes in that GEJ’s administration.

He believed so much in Sahara reporters that he said everything concerning the media house, their stories are truth and fact. The love between Dino and Sahara reporters was overwhelming that the news media forgot about his sins and concentrated on GEJ’s people. No investigation on Dino and he was smiling, smiled to the senate seat as he won the elections.

Now imagine how time flies and how things have changed. Sahara Reporters have remember Dino Melaye and exposing some many secrets about him. Am sure Smart Adeyemi is silently watching and warming up. The once sweet love between Dino and SR has gone sour. And Sahara Reporters is a media house that when they come for you they must sure they get to the root of the matter. As they throw it to you, you dodge it they are bringing another one and they won’t rest until your image is tarnished and messed up. I have to give it to them (Sahara Reporters).

Presently, its #DinocertificateGate. Did Dino actually graduated from ABU Zaria in Geography department as first degree as he claimed? Dino also claimed he had a degree in Harvard university and London school of Economics (LSE), in which the two prestigious institutions have disowned him. The both institutions has come out to say that Dino never was a student in the institution. LSE claimed there was no record on Dino melaye in the institution while Harvard claimed the senator only attended a one week seminar at the institution. ABU Zaria that is in our backyard here is yet to release a statement concerning the issue. All these exposures courtesy Sahara Reporters.

Sahara Reporters don remember Dino and na him matter dem go die put. Presently, Sahara Reporters are doing more investigations and Nigerians are waiting for more exposures. Well I wish Dino goodluck.



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