Update on Rann Misfire: Maiduguri Hospitals Discharge 5, 2 Die and 73 Still Hospitalized

Hospitals in Maiduguri have discharged five hospitalized victims even though two died out of the 80 severely injured victims moved from Rann in Kala-Balge to Maiduguri by the United Nations Humanitarian Air Services and the Nigerian Air Force ‎both of which provided 7 helicopters for the evacuation that ended on Thursday.

Borno State Commissioner for Health, Dr Haruna Mshelia in situation update emailed to journalists on Thursday, said the State Specialist Hospital currently has 68 of the victims after those initially hospitalized at the military hospital at 7th Division of the Nigerian Army were all moved to the State Specialist Hospital on Thursday. He noted that 5 victims are at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, making 73 persons. The Commissioner said two of the victims were unfortunately loss, one died at the State Specialist Hospital while the other, died at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

“But happily, five have been discharged by doctors after they were certified to have fully regained their health. ‎We are also hopeful that all the rest will be fine by the grace of God, Nigerians should pray for their speedy recovery” the Commissioner said.

Dr Mshelia however said 42 victims with minor injuries will remain in Rann given the fact that medical teams from the MSF, the ICRC and the State Government and other partners have enough medical supplies and health workers which make them capable of addressing their health needs.

The Commissioner lauded the efforts of the MSF, the ICRC and the UN for their extraordinary commitment to meeting the emergency humanitarian needs of the victims.

On death toll, Dr Mshelia said it will be announced soon after all stakeholders harmonize their records based on number of bodies buried and those recovered.


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