Buki and Other Ceremonies In Hausa Land – Aliyu Ma’aji

For me, personally, I think ‘yan bokon Hausawa are determined to erase the fine cultural heritage we inherited. And that’s the dividing line that creates an enviable brand differential that separates us from the non muslims (both the ones in the North and those in the South).

By the time our distinct brand equity is completely eroded in our celebrations, festivities and events, we’ll be totally sucked into a more powerful and well funded Christian oriented culture – much like the muslim Yorubas who are battling the tide threatening to engulf their Islamo-cultural identity by the more powerful Christian oriented subculture.

Hausa – Fulani are even more vulnerable in this regard. We’re breeding an entire generation of kids that neither understand its proud history nor its literature, classic music and culture – cos the parents too nether knew nor bothered to understand their own roots so they can’t pass anything down. And the same parents are infested by a lethal dose of cultural inferiority complex.

Some of us who lived within and do understand who we really are, cherish and seek to uphold those values that make us unique, do face lots of hostility and many have eventually given up.

At this rate, in 30 years time or less, you’ll not know the difference between a muslim Hausa-Fulani wedding, naming ceremony, graduation event or even a mere reception and the ones being held in Jos, Wukari, Zangon Kataf, Nnewi, Ijebu or Utuoke.


All you’ll see will be the same sea of aseobi wearing married women and spinsters alike, all unveiled with bra outlines and cleavages exposed and dancing, in big intricate head ties, while shaking their big bottoms (in tight fitting skirts that show the outlines of their panties) all feeding the sexual fantasies of the men sitting around. And that’s what actually create the right DOMESTIC conditions for eventual incest, fornication and adultery among the married – exactly as is the case in all non muslim societies. We sure do have our own issues with regard to sexual decadence but its DOMESTICATION within our homes is at its barest minimum when compared with the cases in other non Hausa-Fulani and non muslim societies in Nigeria – where illicit sex breathes a life of its own right within their homes.

Meanwhile, the celebrants will be taking intimate photo shoots and dancing along with their well wishers in a manner that suggest public touching, hugging and show of intimacy are no longer regarded as indecent exposure – in fact not doing so ends up being considered as old school, backward and conservative.

Afterwards, the tapes of the entire recording and photo snapshots will be migrated to YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp etc – to feed everyone’s vanity..


These are exactly the conditions we’re creating for our children to inherit.

It’s not like we haven’t seen this happen under our noses. India went through the same cultural erosion right during our life time. As for American Indians, their religions and culture were long erased well before the 20th century.

Hausawa are on that same path. And its educated class are bent on getting us there – while the strictness (and often times undeplomatic and irredentist interpretations) of the mullahs is feeding mass rebellion among the people.

The way I see it, Hausaland is gradually losing the battle for its identity – which in many ways is interwoven with its religion.

May Allah guide and protect us.


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