Local Governments Are Major Component For Development

Gov. Almakura meets with LGA leaders, IMC Chairmen, DA Overseers and DPMs to find a way forward for effective development at LGAs.

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has described the Local Governments as the major component for the development of the entire state, stating the need enhance their efficiency and functions within the areas for the benefit of all the people of the state.

The Governor made this known as he received LGA Chairmen, IMC Chairmen, Development Area Overseers, and Directors of Personnel Management (DPMs) at the Government House for a meeting that would clearly interpret and spell out the rules which everyone within the local government is expected to play.

He congratulated all the Interim Management Chairmen and Development Area Overseers for successfully taking charge of their various Local Government Areas.

He described this as a model for effective local government administration that was being practiced that would ensure the effect of the third tier of government was felt by all the people. He said that government has put this package together not to create confusion by to create better efficiency within the system.

The meeting was to define the roles and responsibilities each one would do to enhance efficiency in the LGA, he made it known that the Local Government areas are the action areas for development , stating that the local governments are not redundant by just overwhelmed by issues and left on their own.

Governor Almakura said they were left to fend for themselves , to develop the capacity building, incentives, and drives to ensure government activities moved on.

He cites lack of funds due to lack of inflow , the problem of over-employment by means of reckless appointments , and initiatives that do not add value to the people as the major problems being faced by the Local Governments.

He commended those leading the LGAs stating that “I see some very bright lights among the current leadership and encourages them to always put in their best.”

he made it clear that it was unacceptable to leave the LGA as they inherited them but ensure they are better and their activities and functions translate into benefits for the people as well as the presence of government activates is felt in all nooks and corners of the state.

Stating they would continue to fine tune the LGAs for better value to the people.


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