Abdulmumin Jibrin The Man Behind #Budget2016 Lagos-Calabar Rail And Other Omissions

Abdulmumin Jibrin is the member of the House of Reps, representing Bebeji/Kiru Federal Constituency in Kano state. He is also the Chairman of Budget Appropriation Committee at the House of Reps. This is where pleasant story about this arrogant imposter ends.

Abdulmumin Jibrin
Abdulmumin Jibrin

On 18/10/2011, a Federal High Court, presided by Justice Marcel Awokulehin, sitting in Lafia, Nasarawa State, ordered the former governor of the state, Aliyu Akwe Doma and eight other co-conspirators accused by the EFCC, to be remanded in custody.

The former governor and his eight co-conspirators were charged for laundering stolen Nasarawa state funds totaling over N15 billion. The governor was arraigned along with Senator John Dangoyi, Abdulmumin Jibrin, Timothy Anthony Anjide, Dauda Egwa, Suleiman Ibrahim, Broworks Ltd and Green Forest Investment Limited.

Money laundering is a very serious offence, contrary to Section 14(1)(a) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2004. It is punishable under Section 14(1) of the same Act.

The EFCC’s case against Abdulmumin Jibrin and the rest of the gang is still pending in court. Were it not for the fact that this political prostitute managed to swindle his way into the APC to ride on the Buhari’s fame bandwagon and get elected as a Member of Parliament, he lacks the integrity to be elected even as a local councilor of his ward, let alone as a national lawmaker.

Under the influence of their master and Mafia don Bukola Saraki, Abdulmumin Jibrin, Mohammed Danjuma Goje and the other traitors at the NASS removed appropriation for the important Calabar to Lagos rail link from the 2016 budget. Meanwhile they fraudulently inserted into the budget several new projects worth billions of Naira that were never suggested by the Presidency.

To cover for their exposed scam in the 2016 budget, Abdulmumin Jibrin went on an offensive on Twitter and TV networks propagating even more falsehood to Nigerians. Worse still, this imposter had the audacity to insult his Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, live on national television. Despite this campaign of deception and vilification against his Excellency, Nigerians are not buying their stories. In fact, more people are agitating for their immediate resignation from the NASS.

Furthermore, in yet another hopeless attempt to to cover up for their padding of the budget, Abdulmumin Jibrin sent an SMS message to his fellow co-conspirators at the NASS, clamoring for support to mitigate the mass revolt against them that is brewing on social media platforms. The “additional inputs” he refereed to in his message is the actual fraud they inserted into the budget.

Below is Abdulmumin Jibrin’s infamous SMS message that went viral on the Internet:

“To all Hon Chairman & Dep. Chairmen of Standing Committees:
As you are aware, we have transmitted details of budget 2016. After consultation with the Leadership of both Chambers, the reports of all standing Committees were sustained in the details.
Though all items items submitted by Committees were retained, you will see additional inputs that were necessary to be accommodated via little cuts. You are therefore enjoined to be prepared to justify reports both in media and elsewhere, in case the executive disagrees. We are already justifying your reports but you must join in doing so, especially in the media so that Nigerians will understand the justification for the adjustments you made, particularly on new projects. You can always count on our support. Thank you very much and best wishes as always. I can be reached on 08036130007. Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin. “

Now that their evil machinations against suffering Nigerians have been exposed for the whole world to see, we call upon Bukola Saraki, Mohammed Danjuma Goje, and Abdulmumin Jibrin to take the path of honour and resign with immediate effect. The masses are saying enough is enough! This trio risk global humiliation when the masses storm the NASS on the 19th April.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


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