Barack Obama In Cuba, 88 Years The Last Time Any U.S President Visit

After 88 years, President Barack Obama made a historic visit to Cuba which heralded decades of hostility since the 1959 revolution.

The Obamas In Cuba
The Obamas In Cuba

President Obama posted on his twitter handle “¿Que bolá Cuba?” “Just touched down here, looking forward to meeting and hearing directly from the Cuban people.”

President Barack Obama arrived for a 3 days visit to small but happy crowds on Sunday at the start of a historic visit to Cuba that opened a new chapter in United State dealings with the island’s Communist government after very long hostility between the former Cold War foes.

Obama, who abandoned longtime U.S. policy of ignoring Cuba, wants to make his policy shift irreversible even if a Republican wins the White House in the upcoming election.

Airforce One Above Cuba Airspace
Airforce One Above Cuba Airspace

Cubans watched with delight the motorcade from their balconies and backyards as U.S President obama was driven downtown, where a small crowd of Cubans braved a tropical downpour and tight security. They chanted: “Viva Obama, Viva Fidel,” as the president and his family left after eating dinner in a rundown neighborhood.

“Welcome to Cuba! We like you!” a man screamed as Mr. Obama’s motorcade passed by. Above, a woman applauded and hooted from her wrought-iron balcony.

“It’s a historic opportunity to engage directly with the Cuban people,” Obama told staff at the newly reopened U.S. Embassy who were gathered at a hotel, his first stop after arriving in the afternoon.

Mr Obama and Mr Castro agreed in December 2014 to end decades of frozen relations that began when Cuba’s revolution overthrew a pro-US government.
Since 2014 there have been commercial deals on telecoms and a scheduled airline service, increased co-operation on law enforcement and environmental protection.

Although Barack Obama is not expected to meet long time Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.


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